Living in any community within the Country mean one has to consider numerous security options to keep family, property safe & secure. One should definitely consider installing an electric fence, as it offers your home the first level of defence by providing perimeter security. Just in their very high voltage shock, an electric fence will deters intruders. You can maximise on your perimeter electric fence by having it linked to your house alarm, which should be linked to an alarm quick response company. Any tampering with the electric fence wires will set off your house alarm & inform your alarm quick response company.

We pride ourselves in providing Quality services and Making our clients feel safe. Our clients security needs are of paramount importance. Installation and Supply of electric fence and other Security Appliances and maintenance are our field of expertise.
We are a professional company with skilled and qualified staff to guarantee quality service delivery.

Our Electric fence Services system
Installation of high voltage top up fence:
We are approved installers of Variety of Products For Security Purposes. We Sell, Supply and Install all types of Electrical appliances, Fencing product, we handle Maintenance on contracts. We specialize in all types of Electrical Fencing Installations Such as CCTV, Burglar alarm, Scanner detector and other security accessories.

Maintenance Of Your Electrical Fence
An Electric Fence is a live system, which once it has been installed cannot be left to maintain itself. To ensure that it works effectively we offer Monthly, Bi-monthly and Quarterly Maintenance Contracts which will give peace of mind to the electric fence owner.

Damaged Fence Response Time
We strive to adhere to a 24 hour turn around time when called out to Repair a damaged Electrical Fence as we know that your electric fence is your first line of defense against Crime.

Why Electrified Fencing
The electric current as well as the visual appearance of the electric fence will be a definite deterrent against criminals/thieves. The electric fence can be linked to your existing security service provider.
The fence alarm will deter the person from entering the premises, as it serves as an early warning device if the wires are cut or shorted.

Safety And Power Cuts
Electric fences are non lethal. Our Electrical Fence Energizers come standard with a backup battery which has a life of between 6-8 hours in the event of a power cut.